I’m a little sad to be typing this. I’d rather be writing with a pen, scratching on parchment with a goose quill dipped in India ink.

Actually, though, I’m not all that sad. I don’t have a lot of patience and I’ve gotten used to the speed of writing on my laptop. Still, it’s a melancholy thought that while the butcher still wears blood on his apron, and the baker’s clothes are still dusted with flour, the writer no longer wears ink stains on her fingers. Some of the literal evidence of our work is missing.

I try to write daily. My work’s been published in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals, and I have a novel currently with The Chudney Agency in New York.

I’m always curious as to the writing habits of others, so in this blog I’ll give you updates on my writing progress, as well as snippets of life’s distractions that keep me from writing. I hope it’ll provide you with the same thing I get reading other blogs: contemplation, inspiration, humor, and the knowledge that I’m not alone.

Contact me at:  jennyscott@beyond.pen.com